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The Real Estate Guys™ Radio Show is a real estate investing talk program for investors and has been broadcasting weekly on conventional radio since 1997.  The podcast version of the show is one of the most downloaded investing podcasts on iTunes.

Fun and informative, this real estate investing talk show is hosted by professional investor Robert Helms and financial strategist Russell Gray. The show delivers no-hype real estate investing education and expert perspectives in a fast-paced, entertaining style.

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Paradise in Your Portfolio — Exploring the Resort Market of Belize

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Podcast: Paradise in Your Portfolio – Exploring the Resort Market of Belize

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Gold $1905.91 $1.09
Silver $24.47 $-0.28
Platinum $886.92 $-26.48
Palladium $2399.16 $-23.4
Gold to Silver 77.89 to 1
Gold to Platinum 2.15 to 1
Gold to Palladium 0.79 to 1

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Every week since 1997, The Real Estate Guys™ Show is broadcast on conventional radio. If you’d like to have the show carried on your favorite local talk radio channel, give the station a call and politely demand it. You could even get some friends together and picket the Program Manager’s office. Be creative! 😉
Meanwhile, you can listen to each week’s latest episode right here from the convenience of your own computer. Isn’t technology awesome?


These special reports, articles and webinars are worth a fortune … but are offered to YOU compliments of The Real Estate Guys™ and our Resource Network.

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These special reports are worth a fortune … but are offered to YOU compliments of The Real Estate Guys™.

Members of The Real Estate Guys™ Resource Network are businesses we know and trust.

Check out some of the markets we are currently keeping an eagle eye on … 

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We LOVE events! For real estate investors, it’s important to get out of your home, office … and your comfort zone!. Look at markets, network with fellow investors, meet with members (and possible members) of your personal advisory board, connect with property providers … And, of course, vet and put deals together!

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